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Vive Precision Fingertip Pulse Oximeter - OLED Sp02 Finger Sensor, Deluxe Blood Oxygen Saturation Meter Monitor - Portable, Handheld, USB Rechargeable - for COPD, Pneumonia, Kids, Asthma, Lung Health

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Product Details

  • CONVENIENTLY MONITOR SPO2 LEVELS: Individually tested for accuracy, the Vive Precision pulse oximeter provides quick, reliable readings for blood oxygen saturation levels and current pulse rates in addition to steps taken and estimated calories burned. The smart pulse oximeter is perfect for athletes, climbers and hikers as well as aviators and general health enthusiasts.
  • SIMPLE SMART COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, the smart pulse oximeter connects via the Vive Precision app to provide unlimited historical data. The Vive Precision app stores all of your measurements in one location for easily tracking your health and sharing results with your healthcare providers.
  • EASY TO USE: Simple to use, the fingertip pulse oximeter checks SpO2 levels quickly and accurately with convenient one-touch operation and displays the results on a bright, multidirectional screen for easy viewing at any angle. Suitable for any age, the pulse oximeter uses a self-adjusting spring system to perfectly fit a wide range of finger sizes for improved accuracy.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: Compact and lightweight, the Vive Precision pulse oximeter easily slips into a pocket, tote or backpack and also includes a protective case with a belt clip for safe storage and travel. A lanyard is also included to keep the pulse oximeter close at hand for fast and accurate readings while on the go.
  • FDA approved device
  • Intended for spot-checking oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin and pulse rate
  • SPO2:

    • Measurement range: 35%-100%
    • Resolution: 1%

    Pulse Rate:

    • Measurement range: 25 BPM - 250 BPM
    • Resolution: 1 BPM


    • Length: 2.36”
    • Width: 1.26”
    • Height: 1.46”


    • Requires two AAA alkaline batteries
    • Up to 30 hours of use per two batteries
    • Low battery indication


    • Includes SPO2, pulse rate, plethysmogram of SPO2, perfusion index, battery indicator, bluetooth connectivity and a bar graph of pulse strength
    • Once the unit is active, use the power button to toggle between display modes (four total)

    Operating Instructions:

    • Use the clamp to open oximeter and fully insert finger before releasing it
    • Press the power on button on the front panel
    • Remain still while measurements are calculated
    • Collect the SPO2 and pulse rate data from the display screen
    • View historical data by using the Vive Precision app available for both iOS and Android devices

    What’s Included:

    • Vive Precision Pulse Oximeter
    • Two AAA batteries
    • Protective storage case
    • Lanyard

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