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Quik - Sorb Reusable Underpad Essential - Adventura Sickroom Supply

Quik - Sorb Reusable Underpad Essential

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Reusable Underpads by Essential Medical

Durable birdseye cotton top sheet us washable up to 300 times

Absorbent soaker layer with leak - resistant backing offers the protection you need!

Also, Durable brushed polyester top sheet is washable, absorbent, with leak resistant backing protection. Come's with positioning straps

Several sizes available | Comes in Blue/White

c2000 17x24 c2001 24x35,  c2002 34x35,  c2005 36x80,  c2006 36x54,  c2009 36x72, c2400 34x35 w/straps, c2008 36x72 w/tucks (ppef) , c2010 18x24 plaid, c2002bulk 34x35


Quick-Sorb quiksorb quik sorb  quicksorb


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