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Hydrocollator Moist Heat Hot Pack (ViveHealth)

Hydrocollator Moist Heat Hot Pack (ViveHealth)

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Soothing Pain Relief

Hydrocollator Moist Heat Hot Packs are the perfect way to provide soothing, therapeutic pain relief to many problem areas, including but not limited to: the neck, shoulders, and knees. They are an ideal solution in both clinical and in-home settings because they are so easy, versatile, and effective in use. While doctors and therapists can utilize them as treatment in office, patients and injured persons can readily use the heat packs at home for convenient, moist heat pain relief.

Made to Fit

The Hot Packs are offered in a range of seven sizes, all designed to adequately provide heat therapy to various parts and accommodate body contours. The Standard Size, Oversized, and both Spinal Sized Hot Packs are rectangular in shape with varying dimensions. The Knee/Shoulder Hot Pack features a hole in the middle to allow for easy draping among large contours, while the Neck Contour features a U-shape to follow the body’s curve so that users can get ultimate pain relief with every use.

Reusable Solution

Moist Heat Hot Packs are designed to last through hundreds of uses, making them an optimal solution for recurring pain. This product can be used time and time again when stored and heated properly. The Hot Packs are made to accompany the Hydrocollator Heating Unit in clinical use; however, they can be heated at home using the stovetop or microwave. After heating, cover with Terry Cover or towels and apply to the problem area for up to 30 minutes.

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