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FarrowWrap Jobst BSN

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FarrowWrap Jobst BSN

An adjustable short-stretch compression wrap solution

The JOBST FarrowWrap is adjustable short-stretch compression wrap system designed for treating patients with lymphatic and venous conditions.

JOBST FarrowWrap simulates short stretch bandaging, providing graduated compression. Designed for the treatment of SWELLING and ULCERATION of the limb, including chronic oedema and chronic venous insufficiency. It is a practical alternative to bandaging.

JOBST FarrowWrap is composed of smart, elastic, short-stretch bands. These adjustable bands allow it to support and adapt to limb reduction, especially beneficial for those patients with fluctuating oedema, rebound oedema, donning and doffing problems or for patients who have limited access to professional bandaging.

Patients can self-manage and adjust the wrap compression system, promoting independence and empowering patients to be more involved with their care.

JOBST FarrowWrap compression system consists of a liner and an outerwrap piece, available for the upper and lower limb. It is available in three material types / compression levels. Custom-fit variants are available (please note these are not available on prescription).

JOBST FarrowWrap is available in a wide range of ready-to-wear sizes that are available on prescription


Why choose JOBST FarrowWrap?

The easy-to-use wrap compression system offers your patient independence and the ability to manage their own oedema, as it can be removed and reapplied by the patient.

  • Breadth of indications

  • Clinically proven (please see our clinical tab)

  • JOBST FarrowWrap overlapping bands

    • Support and rigidity to control oedema

    • No gapping or pinching

    • 50% overlap of bands provides consistent graduated compression

  • Easy to apply, with no guide required

  • Wide size range available with two different lengths

  • Three fabric choices available

    • JOBST FarrowWrap strong (30-40mmHg)

      • Soft fabric with strong compression, suitable for patients with some shape distortion and moderate to severe oedema

    • JOBST FarrowWrap classic (30-40mmHg)

      • Rigid fabric with a comfortable feel for patients with more severe oedema and irregular limb shape / distortion

      • Fabric lays flat against skin folds

    • JOBST FarrowWrap Lite (20-30mmHg)

      • Soft fabric with reduced compression levels, especially suitable for palliative and paediatric patients

      • JOBST FarrowWrap Basic (30-40mmHg)

        • Exceptional value and features trimable bands and adjustable Velcro so the garment can be trimmed as the limb reduces.

  • Two compression levels available  

    • 30-40mmHg

    • 20-30mmHgCOMPRESSION

  • Can be used in combination with dressings

  • Variants can be machine washed and tumble dried

  • Please note: application of JOBST FarrowWrap armsleeve is different

  • It is atomically contoured and has an integral liner so can easily be applied using one hand 

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