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Shipping Returns & Pricing

Your Satisfaction is our Top Priority - If you have a problem Call us and let us see if we can solve it together. 954-458-1959

Any Merchandise that is received damaged or not in working order will be replaced at no charge to you. If we make an error and ship you the wrong product, the correct product will be sent to you at no charge, and we will pay for the pickup as well.

Return Policy: offers a 3 day window for returning products after pick up or delivery. The Customer Must return the product to the store, or in the case of large items up to a 250.00 return/non-refundable delivery fee applies. Product must be in new , unused, unworn, pristine condition. Sealed or sterile packages must not be opened or unsealed for hygienic reasons. Opened, used, unsterile and respiratory equipment cannot be returned

The Exception to our return policy is Rental Products. All Rental Products that are delivered, will be charged for the entire month. As used and OR unused; delivered equipment must be sterilized as per regular protocol and Covid Protocol. 

To make a return, please call us at 954-458-1959 Monday thru Friday 9am to 5pm Eastern Standard Time USA. 

Custom Orders and Special Orders, things that are ordered just for you and are not stock items are not returnable. Before we charge your card for these items we will send you a consent form to return to us by email that you know this item once ordered is not returnable even if you have not accepted delivery yet. This form will be your acknowledgment that you understand once you order and pay for this item it may not be returned, only replaced if damaged in manufacture or shipping.

Shipping Charges are not refundable.

Our Shipping Rates apply to the Continental United States Only. Shipping to other locations may require additional shipping fees.

All items have shipping unless otherwise noted in the description. If there are no shipping charges attached to the item, then we have made an error and we apologize in advance; however we reserve the right to inform of correct shipping charges and charge the correct price with your permission.

Our in Store Pickup Policy is that shipping charges usually do not apply. You will be informed of those exceptions while you are in the store or on the phone with us.

Policies about Pricing and Product information on this website: makes every effort to provide accurate information about products and pricing on this website. However, pricing and or typographical mistakes, may on rare occasions appear on this website. For this reason  Adventura Sickroom Supply, Inc.) does not guarantee pricing and reserves the right to cancel your order before shipping and we will notify you as soon as possible about the cancellation.

Thank You For Shopping with Us